Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Battle Weary

Tonight I just want to lay down my sword
and curl up in a sheltered spot,
far away from the line of fire.

I want the quiet that comes after
battle has ended to seep through my soul
and remind me of
perfect peace.

In these wars of words, jab after jab,
wounds sliced deep, volumes rise
and listening ceases--
there are no winners.

We twist and dance around our guilt,
our culpability, looking
to lay all blame on the shoulders
of the other.

It proves fruitless, futile for each, as any
gained ground is
lost amid the  ruins of

Lord, I am weary of the
verbal violence, the mental maneuvering,
and the spiritual sparring
that leaves me broken and spent,

And leaves my family quaking and quivering
in the aftermath.
We are worn out, used up,
our reserve troops too beleagured
to stand and fight another battle
one another.

We wage war against the very ones we love,
too stubborn and self-righteous
to let it go,
to let it go.

Abba, shelter me.  Hold us, Daddy.
Remind us
that You have peace planned
for us
we just let it go.