Monday, April 15, 2013

Evil Runs Amuk

Two bombs explode in Boston today, killing and maiming indiscriminately, cutting down athlete and spectator alike.  We shake our heads in disbelief, crying out that we are shocked and bewildered that this could happen.  We question, "What kind of world is this that we are raising our children in where something so horrible could happen?"  And we rally together, calling on our social media friends to pray.

A lone gunman enters an elementary school, carrying multiple assault weapons that he then uses to murder young children and their teachers.  We sob, wringing our hands and our hearts in grief, and we ask ourselves how and why something so detestable could occur in this land.  And we rally together, calling out for prayer and more gun control.

Roadside bombs explode in Afghanistan and Iraq, slaughtering American soldiers,  massacring nationals, opening our eyes via television to the horrors of war.  And we rally together, calling for our soldiers to come home and leave the Middle East to itself.

Google Earth reveals multiple prison camps in North Korea, each covering a minimum of ten square miles.  Men and women are imprisoned, tortured for alleged crimes committed against the state by their parents and grand-parents.  Children are born and raised in the horror of captivity, never knowing freedom, old and dead before their time.  More men, women, and children have been imprisoned, tortured, and murdered in these Holocaust-style camps than were killed in the real Holocaust camps of World War II.  We do not rally together.  Rather, we delicately turn our heads, hiding from the crimes against humanity half a world away.

Each day, the number of fetuses and infants massacred in this country from medical abortion escalates, easily surpassing the total number of dead in World War II.  Doctors who have taken an oath to "do no harm" do just that to the voiceless millions.  And we do not gasp in horror nor do we cry out for our nation to come together to pray that the senseless murdering end.   We do not protect these innocents with our laws.  Nor do we ask how something so heinous could happen in our land. 

We allow it.

We do nothing to stop the evil.  We have become complacent in it.  We have embraced it.

And, we pat ourselves on our backs with our blood-covered hands.

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